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Advantages of water-based high-temperature glass inks in the gravure industry

Water-based high-temperature glass ink is a liquid which uses water-soluble resin as the binder, high-grade pigment (or dye) as the colorant, water as the main solvent, and a small amount of ethanol as the co-solvent. Printing high temperature glass ink.


The solvents used in water-based high-temperature glass inks are water and ethanol, which greatly reduces the emission of organic solvents, reduces air pollution, and completely eliminates the harmfulness of certain harmful substances in solvent-based inks to the human body and the packaging. Pollution of commodities has improved the quality of the overall environment. At the same time, the use of gravure water-based high-temperature glass inks not only reduces the risk of fire and hidden dangers caused by static electricity and flammable solvents, but also facilitates cleaning of equipment.


In summary, the most important characteristics of water-based high-temperature glass inks with water as the main solvent are no pollution to the environment, no impact on human health, non-combustibility, good safety, stable performance, bright colors, and non-corrosive plates Simple operation, low price, good adhesion after printing, fast drying, so it is especially suitable for packaging prints such as food, beverages, medicines, etc. It is a globally recognized environmentally friendly ink.


From the current situation in China, the use of water-based high-temperature glass inks meets the requirements of the development of the gravure market.


On the one hand, in packaging printing, the advantages of gravure printing are very obvious, especially for plastic flexible packaging printing; gravure printing patterns are bright, expressive, and have good printing resistance.


On the other hand, the adverse effects brought by the gravure process are also obvious; due to the non-absorptive characteristics of plastic films, the traditional gravure ink itself and the printing process use a lot of organic solvents. As water-based gravure high-temperature glass ink uses water as a solvent, the ink no longer contains volatile organic solvents, which can reduce atmospheric pollution; and at the same time keep the printing workshop environment clean.


Therefore, water-based high-temperature glass inks have no adverse effects on workers' health during the printing process, improving safety and reducing the risk of fire; printing products have not caused health damage to consumers, which is widely praised by the industry.