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Opal Technology successfully participated in the 30th China International Glass Fair

Opal Technology successfully participated in the 30th China International Glass Fair

From May 22nd to 25th, 2019, Opal Technology participated in the "30th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition" held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center in China with the main purpose of increasing corporate influence and opening up domestic and foreign markets. This exhibition is hosted by the "Chinese Ceramic Society" and is a professional exhibition with huge influence in the industry.

The exhibition hall area of this exhibition reached 106,800 square meters. 904 manufacturers from 28 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, India, and Russia participated in the exhibition. Appear at this exhibition. This year's exhibition exhibits cover glass products and applications, glass processing technology and equipment, and glass manufacturing process technology and equipment. Our company has two main products, water-based varnish and water-based ink, to participate in the exhibition.


At this exhibition, our company formed a team of 8 people including sales department, quality technology department and foreign trade department. During the exhibition, our products attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers. In addition to receiving a large number of domestic customers, we also received Visits from customers in the United States, Russia, India, Australia and other countries. We attach great importance to customer consultation. When answering customer questions, we are both professional and clear-minded. Our customers at home and abroad highly recognize our products. Some foreign investors have come to our showroom for consultations during the exhibition. At the same time, we have To record and prepare samples for follow-up follow-up.


This is the first time we have participated in a large-scale exhibition. While promoting our products, it is an opportunity for us to learn, allowing us to more fully understand the domestic and foreign markets' demand for products and our shortcomings. Office. Opal Technology, as a growing company, will comply with the requirements of the times, continue to innovate, and lead domestic high-performance glass decorative materials and functional materials to the world! !! !!