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Opal meets Huanghuaxi in Qingzhou — April 22, 2019

The spring is smoky, the wind is warm, and the most beautiful is April.


In the spring of April, the sun began to warm. In the good season of spring, you must go out for a walk to live up to this great spring. Therefore, on April 22, the company leaders decided to lead us to play in "Huanghua Creek in Qingzhou" for a long time! On this day, we let go of the heavy production tasks, the sales pressure that we never forget in our minds, put down all kinds of unfinished work, put away the tense nerves, put on the selfie stick, put on brand-new activity clothes, take Let's go in the most relaxed and beautiful mood! Huanghua Creek, known as Jiuzhaigou in the north, has mountains, water and waterfalls, green mountains and green waters, and birds crying. In such a beautiful scenery, we marched along slowly, singing and laughing one after another, tired and thirsty, sitting for a while to play a game; posing various POSS, using the camera to record the most beautiful moments; slides and rafting let us experience once in The excitement of the mountain shuttle! Let ’s take some family portraits together, um, because how can the “family” not have a group photo? So, with the mountain as the background and the water as the background, present a beautiful and sincere smile, and freeze in a moment!


Maybe our enthusiasm is so high that we have noon unknowingly and think that we haven't played enough, "Huanghuaxi" has been left behind by us. However, my stomach was so hungry that everyone was expecting what the company would prepare for us at noon. In a farmhouse, "Chinese sturgeon", "rainbow trout", "fried chicken", "crayfish", and various green vegetables made us appetite, and food made us forget the tiredness of climbing mountains. Since the 90s in the company, there is more and more young blood. The company's dinner is no longer monotonous. The game has become a must-have for dinner. After a few games, the atmosphere of the seats is getting warmer! Whether you are introverted or extroverted, there is everyone here!
After beautiful scenery and food, in what way to end today's trip? Turns out to be a real-life CS. This wave of operations by the leader is almost 666. CALL for the leader! I have to talk about the first "real-life CS confrontation game" in Opal history, the three games, and finally the "bandit" led by General Manager Zhang, who scored a 2: 1 score and "Police" led by General Manager. Haha, is anyone still not convinced, then let's flex your muscles and wait for the next time!

In the setting sun, we ended our journey.
   Some people are wasting time during the trip, and some people really appreciate it during the trip. Although this trip is only a short day, it is the company's sincere arrangement. Realizing the true meaning of "we are together", the company is our home, the colleagues are the family, the home and everything, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is meaningless without the family. Therefore, the members of Opal Technology, please continue to work hard for a better tomorrow! Come on!
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