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Relationship between high temperature glass ink performance and composition

Various components in the high-temperature glass ink determine the different properties of the product, and directly affect the quality of the printed matter. For high-temperature glass ink manufacturers regarding the ingredients used in their products, see below:
(1) resin
Resin, also known as binder, is the main component of the ink, which determines the ink's adhesion, viscosity, viscosity, yellowing resistance, chemical resistance, etc.
(2) Pigment
Pigments play a role in color development in high-temperature glass inks, and determine the color, brightness, light resistance and chemical resistance of inks in the ink.
(3) Solvent
The solvent in the ink mainly dissolves the resin, which makes the ink have good and suitable viscosity for printing. At the same time, it determines the surface level of the ink and the drying speed of the ink.
(4) Auxiliaries
的 The auxiliary in high temperature glass ink is mainly to adjust the printing adaptability of the ink. Adding a small amount of chemical agent can significantly improve the printing property of the ink, such as defoaming agent and leveling agent.