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Opal wishes happy birthday to motherland

Opal wishes happy birthday to motherland

"My motherland and I can't be separated for a moment, no matter where I go, a hymn will flow out." This familiar song exploded on the major networks and circle of friends when the great motherland's 70th birthday came. Every Chinese is immersed in an atmosphere of pride and happiness. Opal Technology has inserted a bright five-star red flag in the office area. After the tense and orderly end of work, it organized all employees to watch the patriotic film "I and My Motherland", using such a simple but full-hearted situation for us The motherland of the great motherland wishes her 70th birthday and wishes the great motherland for prosperity and prosperity.

From the post-70s to post-90s generations of Opal employees, each generation has its own distinct personality of that era, and as the descendants of Yanhuang and the motherland, the weight of each generation is invaluable. After 70 years of hard work in the motherland, today's prosperous China, Opal Technology, a young enterprise growing up under the blessing of the motherland's wings, inherits the motherland's spirit of "don't be afraid of difficulties, meet difficulties" "Leading domestic high-performance ceramic glass decorative materials and functional materials to the world" is our development goal, and we are striving forward to contribute our modest strength to the development of the motherland.

As the happiest Chinese people and the most progressive Opals, I hope we have something to do and I hope we have a role to play!