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Use of solvents in high-temperature glass inks

Solvents commonly used in screen printing high-temperature glass ink industry are: aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, lipids, ketones, polyols, etc.


The function and influence of solvent in screen printing high temperature glass ink are as follows:


(1) Dissolved resin


According to different resins, different solvents need to be used for solvents (polar, non-polar).


(2) Adjust the fluidity of high temperature glass ink


Different high-temperature glass ink manufacturers of the same product have different dissolving power, which directly affects the viscosity of the ink and changes the leveling of the ink after printing.


(3) Gloss


释放 When the same or different solvents with different volatilization speeds are released in the printing ink film, it will cause the fogging and whitening of the ink film, which will affect the gloss of the printing surface.


(4) Adjust the drying time


Due to the choice of different printing methods during printing operations, as well as the differences in printing environment, climatic conditions, and the needs of its own formula, the difference in boiling point of the solvent provides appropriate drying time.


(5) Residual property of solvent


The solvent with low affinity for the resin is helpful to increase the opening time of the high temperature glass ink film and reduce the residual solvent.